Trecan Snowmelters

Magic Melt


Antico has known  how to move snow and remove it for many years . . . but we never stop evolving and never stop seeking  better ways to perform and deliver quality, cutting-edge snow removal services with less of an impact on our environment.  Being an important matter for us, we felt it would be important one for our clients as well.  So, when we identified the means of delivering quality snow removal service with the environment in mind, we had to pursue it, secure it, embrace it,  and offer it to our customers.

This year we have added to our list of snow removal services - on-site snow melting.  No doubt you know that many major American cities, as well as those in Europe, have been using industrial snow melters for years.  The City of Boston and Logan International Airport use them too!!

We're not trucking the snow somewhere so there's less of an impact on the roads.  We're saving fuel and manpower.  Due to environmental issues, many dump sites are closing as well, increasing distances to haul snow and increasing the cost too.

We're excited about this new offering, so please give us a call 781-894-2510 to discuss your winter snow removal needs.

As with all Antico equipment, quality is of utmost importance to us.  That is why we have chosen Trecan Snowmelters for our snow melting service.  (Read more on this web site about Trecan melters.)

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